CK Physiotherapy

W7, W5, W13, Ealing, West London

57 Elthorne Avenue
Hanwell, W7 2JY

T: 020 8566 4113
M: 079 572 46185

Location / Parking

We are situated in Hanwell, between Boston Manor Road and Northfields Avenue, south of the Uxbridge Road.

57 Elthorne Avenue
Hanwell, W7 2JY

There are parking restrictions Mon - Fri 9-10am and 2-3pm. If you need a permit during this time please inform your therapist when you arrive. There are no parking restrictions at other times.

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday

Please phone the number above during working hours to make an appointment. Our reception service will be happy to book your session.

London Underground / Bus Services

London Underground

10 min. walk from Boston Manor Tube Station.
15 min. walk from Northfields Tube Station.

Bus Service

E8, E3, E2, 207, 607, 83

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Our Blog

Physiotherapy Methods: Soft Tissue Mobilisation Therapy

By: admin Date: August 23rd, 2022

Soft tissue mobilisation is a type of massage that uses slow, sustained, and deep movements to stretch the muscles and other soft tissues in the body. Used to treat injuries and pain, soft tissue mobilisation treatment is performed by a professional, licensed physiotherapist.

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Paediatric Physiotherapy Treatment and Methods

By: admin Date: August 16th, 2022

Paediatric physiotherapy is a specialised and holistic approach to health care for children and young people. Whether it be an injury, illness, developmental or physical disability, this specific physiotherapy treatment combines exercise, education, and rehabilitation.

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Physio Advice: Differences Between Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

By: admin Date: July 26th, 2022

Cryotherapy is the process of using cold temperatures to treat injuries or sore muscles. Heat therapy, on the other hand, involves using warm temperatures to treat injuries or sore muscles.

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What You Need To Know About Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Treatment

By: admin Date: July 19th, 2022

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It centres on tackling injuries, illnesses, or effects of disabilities that affect the muscles, bones, joints, and tendons.

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Physiotherapy Treatment and Mobility Assessment

By: admin Date: June 28th, 2022

As we get older our mobility naturally decreases. This can be moderate to extreme and sometimes, we (or our loved ones) may need more assistance to move around safely and without pain.

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Physiotherapist Advice About Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment

By: admin Date: June 21st, 2022

Hearing the words deep vein thrombosis puts fear into many people and is greatly misunderstood by the public. Usually associated with flying long haul, this isn’t the only cause for concern when it comes to deep vein thrombosis.

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Physiotherapy Treatments Using Interferential Therapy

By: BryanKelly Date: May 26th, 2022

Interferential therapy is a form of physical therapy treatment that involves the use of electrical impulses to stimulate the body’s muscles, tissues, and nerves.

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Therapeutic Ultrasound and Physiotherapy Treatment

By: BryanKelly Date: May 17th, 2022

Therapeutic ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless, and drug-free treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing process.

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Electrotherapy and Physiotherapy Treatments

By: BryanKelly Date: April 26th, 2022

Electrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments are used for a variety of reasons. They can be used to help with pain relief, muscle rehabilitation, or even improve athletic performance. You'll learn how they work, what types of electrotherapy are available and what they are used for. Plus, how to know when you should seek professional treatment.

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New Physiotherapy Techniques and Approaches

By: BryanKelly Date: April 12th, 2022

New physiotherapy treatment approaches have been developed to help you recover quicker with the consideration of the body and mind working as one. Though old-fashioned treatments like ice and heat packs shouldn’t be forgotten, newer physiotherapy techniques and approaches are often more effective.

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