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We are situated in Hanwell, between Boston Manor Road and Northfields Avenue, south of the Uxbridge Road.

57 Elthorne Avenue
Hanwell, W7 2JY

There are parking restrictions Mon - Fri 9-10am and 2-3pm. If you need a permit during this time please inform your therapist when you arrive. There are no parking restrictions at other times.

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Monday – Thursday

Please phone the number above during working hours to make an appointment. Our reception service will be happy to book your session.

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London Underground

10 min. walk from Boston Manor Tube Station.
15 min. walk from Northfields Tube Station.

Bus Service

E8, E3, E2, 207, 607, 83

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Our Blog

How Ealing Physiotherapy is Helpful Treatment for Chronic Back Pain

By: BryanKelly (Psst, View author in Google Plus) Date: Aug 18th, 2016

Every day wear and tear of the muscles, coupled by the onslaught of the aging process can result to a lot of physical chronic pain. One of the most common complaints that folks have is that of back pain. This can be caused by various factors, such as carrying of heavy load, bad posture, or a musculoskeletal injury.

Struggling with Back Pain

Sometimes, although the source of the pain may be on the back itself, its effects may spread to other nearby regions, such as the upper thigh, buttock, and even the groin. In rare cases, it can even travel below the knee.

Most people resort to basic stretching exercises and painkillers to try and alleviate the pain. Without proper medical guidance, though, you may be actually worsening their condition without actually being aware of it. Using medication without proper prescription, for example, can lead to health complications, especially for those who are pregnant, have asthma, or are suffering from indigestion issues.

Suffering from Chronic Back Pain? Seek Help Through Ealing Physiotherapy

Carrying out exercises on your own, meanwhile, can result to injuries. Muscles can be strained even more, and nerves can be pinched, which will only further aggravate your condition.

Physiotherapeutic Relief

Instead of resorting to quick, short-term relief methods, you should instead consult with an Ealing physiotherapy practitioner. Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative method that suits those suffering from the ill-effects of bad posture or other physical problems such as back pain.

The physiotherapist will have a thorough assessment of your condition through a physical examination. Here, your Ealing physio will be testing for your strength, flexibility, and range of movement. The treatment plan that they will recommend to you will ultimately depend on the results of these tests, which ensure that you will be getting a tailor-fit approach.

In some cases, your physiotherapy treatment may include acupuncture, hydrotherapy, transcutaneous electrical stimulation (TENS), or even ultrasound. At the most basic, you may also get massages and heat or cold treatments.

Holistic Care

You can expect your treatment to extend even beyond your physiotherapist’s office as they will also provide you exercise that you can do at home. Continuous implementation of the therapy movements should help further improve the status of your mobility and muscle strength.

This way, your treatment is not only limited to your sessions with a physiotherapist such as those from CK Physio. For your back pain concerns, make sure to consult with a professional at the soonest possible time before it worsens.


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