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London Physiotherapy Helps Football Athletes Bounce Back from Injury

By: BryanKelly (Psst, View author in Google Plus) Date: Jul 11th, 2014

Recovery from a sports injury and the consequent surgery takes time, but many athletes tend to recover at a quicker pace. The question is: how do they do it?

Take for instance Luis Suarez, the Uruguay national team and Liverpool striker who was side-lined by a knee injury that confined him to a wheelchair, and required surgery in May. During the World Cup group stage, Suarez was unable to participate in Uruguay’s match against Costa Rica, but in the game against England, he redeemed himself by making two winning goals.


BBC Sport sought the opinion of experts regarding Suarez’s recovery. Orthopaedic specialists agree that the short time spent on recovery are likely the result of a timely minor surgery, and Suarez’s high fitness level, typically found in professional athletes.

"Dr Kal Parmar, a sports physician at University College London's Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health says Suarez's injury must have been operated on very quickly, within a day or two of the injury.

Physiotherapy and strength conditioning would then have played a key part in his recovery after surgery.

"The focus at that stage is on controlling the swelling and increasing the function of the knee joint," he explains.

"Suarez is very well conditioned anyway and his muscles are in good shape. He must have flown through rehab."

Suarez’s injury was specifically a tear in the knee cartilage called the meniscus. When twisted or pulled beyond its limit, the cartilage gets pinched or torn apart, causing pain and swelling, and warranting surgical repair. Following surgery, physiotherapy is done to control the persistence of symptoms and restore mobility.

Just as anywhere else in the world, athletes and sports buffs in the English capital are recommended to undergo physiotherapy in London, after undergoing surgery for any sports injury. The therapy is a vital process to having a proper and speedier recovery.

During the rehabilitation phase, the injured person’s activities typically have to be limited, and gradually accelerated. It is the job of the physiotherapist to plan and create a schedule according to the patient’s condition and the progress of the healing process. The physiotherapist will always prioritise the need for a full recovery without risking aggravation or relapse, as well as minimisation of pain and discomfort.

One doesn’t have to be a star athlete to get London physio treatments from reputable practices like CK Physio. Regardless of level of fitness, certified physiotherapists can assess a patient’s health needs and employ the appropriate treatments. By providing medical advice and applying therapeutic techniques, these professionals can help patients get back to their best possible form, and even back on the field as quickly and safely as appropriate.


(Source: Luis Suarez injury: How did striker recover so quickly?, BBC Sport, June 20, 2014)