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Our Blog

Physiotherapists Action Response to COVID-19

By: admin Date: Apr 29th, 2021

Since the Spanish Flu, never has the world experienced such a severe pandemic as COVID-19. We were told to self-isolate, transport halted and businesses and schools closed.

For a mere moment in time, the world stood still.

All apart from the health services, within England particularly the magnificent NHS. They were the backbone of our country and still are.

Physiotherapist Action Response to COVID-19

Putting their own lives on the line, caring for those who were sick, in their deepest hour of need. Physiotherapists assisting in the recovery and rehabilitation of patients at all stages of ICU, ward and community.

As we start to emerge nationally from lockdown, now more than ever is a time for a reassessment of how physiotherapists’ roles will adapt. Helping patients remain safe, relaxed and secure in accessing and receiving treatment in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Physiotherapists action response to COVID-19 will be to facilitate the great demand for physiotherapy and rehabilitation presented in the aftermath. 

Collaborating to explore new physiotherapy methods of providing treatment and information within hospitals and the community, amidst restrictions.

Who else needs physiotherapy treatment post-pandemic? 

Though the COVID-19 cloud is still prevalent, we do not abandon our duty of care to those within the community needing to access our services.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are provided to help prevent or delay health deterioration, maintain independence and mitigate the risk of hospital admissions. 

During the first lockdown, these physiotherapy and rehabilitation services were scaled back. 

This has brought about many implications to community members and has created a high demand in those:

• Suffering from long-term conditions

• Sustained injuries from working at home 

• Elective surgery has been postponed/cancelled

• People recovering from Long Covid

With such high demand within hospital and community settings, where possible, new methods of physiotherapy and intervention have had to be explored, maintained and delivered.

Stepping up when needed: physically and online 

The physiotherapist community has shown great strength, commitment and resilience through this time. Having been vital in the physical delivery of acute care for COVID 19 patients, physiotherapists have persisted in the upkeep of providing necessary services for other conditions.  

Learning from the lessons of the pandemic so far and continuing to uphold the need for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  We’ve explored new methods of physiotherapy and examined the traditional treatments and information to fulfil demand.

As a result, by improving and tailoring our services, traditional physiotherapy treatments have been extended to be delivered online and via digital downloads.

Across the board, throughout the pandemic (and in general), physiotherapists have advised maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active when possible. Physiotherapy information has been widely provided covering:

• Tips and tricks to reduce pain

• Post-workout DIY massage 

• How to stay active at home

• Other self-management resources

Telehealth and digital technologies for physiotherapy treatment 

A collaboration between physiotherapists has helped to improve physiotherapy methods, treatments and information delivery via telehealth.  This is healthcare services at a distance, through the medium of technology

Whether via a computer, smartphone or another portable device.  This is a way for Physiotherapists to diagnose, treat and oversee a patient’s care virtually.

This can be a great way to access education and extra resources whilst improving recovery and remaining safe.  Virtual sessions or digital downloads can be used to provide:

• One-to-one sessions

• Guides and information

• Video tutorials

• Assessments

At CK Physio, we initially offer virtual consultations in the first phase of assessment before treatment. This enables both patient and Physiotherapist to remain safe and gain access to self-help treatment and physiotherapy information.

Though strange at first, many of us are now used to a virtual way of life.  To meet demand and maintain delivery expectations, moving forward, physiotherapy treatment will be a mixture of digital and face-to-face sessions.

Like the Zoom or Microsoft Team calls we’ve all become used to, virtual contact can be a great way to get to know our patients.  The benefits of home physiotherapy treatment session are:

• Convenient

• Safe environment

• Comfortable surroundings

• Greater relaxation 

• Faster recovery 

• Better contribution and commitment

Safety is paramount: keep up to date 

Although we have used this situation as a positive force to collaborate and reform services. Not all patients or situations are able to benefit from remote means.  

Some patients may need hands-on treatment alone and some may need to receive a combination of this and virtual sessions. 

Information about the situation of the pandemic changes rapidly. When dealing with patients throughout, it’s paramount we receive NHS updates on recent activities and also collaborations in providing the best care.

NHS provides information and support for workforce leaders and teams, enabling us to continue responding to the pandemic in the safest and most effective way.

We all want to do our bit and though physiotherapist roles may have altered slightly, safety is still key. Before completing work within or outside our clinics, the following is reviewed.

• Risk assessment (personal and of work environment)

• Current training (if outside of normal duties)

• Correct PPE

Together we can do this 

The COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to impact the NHS, Physiotherapists, and the services they provide.

By working together we share lessons, best practices, valuable knowledge and experiences. This teamwork ensures physiotherapy information, treatments and techniques are safe, fair, effective and accessible for all.

If you have been affected by the COVID 19 virus, suffering long-term effects or need to receive treatment for other non-covid related issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our online booking form.

We are always here to help. No matter the cause or situation our experienced physiotherapists can guide you to your best possible solution. As stated, this session allows for a safe space to discuss at length any needs or requirements you may have. Or ask in-depth questions in regards to the treatments we provide.