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Virtual Physiotherapy in the UK: Its Significance to Home-Based Patient Treatment

By: admin Date: Mar 2nd, 2021

In less than a year the world has been plunged into a world operating ‘virtually’. Whether it be for work, our groceries, general online shopping or fitness; we have all had to adapt in bypassing physicalities and access these products, services or routines virtually.

Admittingly, the virtual way took some getting used to for many people and also industries had to adjust to being able to deliver digitally, just as well as they did physically.  Many businesses and services have been affected and non more so than that of the medical profession, especially for physical treatments such as physiotherapy.

Although virtual delivery of some medical services and practices are not new, the uptake and demand for such provisions were not as sought after as they are today, due to the current pandemic. We will be exploring what virtual physiotherapy has to offer, how effective it is, how to access it and the significance of it concerning home-based patient treatment.

Virtual Physiotherapy in the UK Its Significance to Home-Based Patient Treatment

Digital doesn’t have to be distant

A new study of 27,000 virtual physiotherapy patients has concluded that digital physiotherapy must become a significant part of the treatment mix post-COVID-19 [MOBILEHEALTHNEWS.COM]. 

A recent independent virtual treatment study collated data from patients in regards to the use of digital physiotherapy treatment. Three key areas where highlighted:

• Openness to virtual treatment

• Pain improvements (on a 10 point scale)

• Satisfaction with outcomes

Results revealed that patients felt that physiotherapy treatment that was delivered digitally, was just as effective as, or in some cases even more effective, than sessions provided in-person.  This communication proves vital, as we explore how beneficial virtual treatment can be and the direct impact it has on home-based patient treatment.

Key Benefits of Virtual Physiotherapy Treatment 

Though we tend to give this digital era a bad name, it has shown us there are a plethora of benefits that can be had. Although these current times are about remaining healthy and safe. With physiotherapy treatment being able to be delivered digitally, it allows for advantages that physical sessions would otherwise hinder. 


• The convenience of remaining in your own surroundings

• You do not have to book time off of work 

• Videos can be accessed after your session

• Results can be documented in a digital, visual format for review

But the benefits don’t end there! When receiving virtual physiotherapy treatment in your own surroundings, you are comfortable and relaxed which leads to increased motivation and participation. Many patients have shown better retention of exercise knowledge,  repetition frequency and recovery rate, by being able to digitally access their sessions and follow their physiotherapist instructions. It also allows physiotherapists to better tailor sessions with exercises that fit in with your environment for ease and convenience.

Though we will move past this period of COVID-19 precautionary safety measures,  virtual physiotherapy sessions will surely be a way to access treatment going forward.  As the normal day to day activities start to mount and time restrictions begin to return, a mixture of therapy within the ‘next normal’ may be needed. Although not all treatment can be delivered digitally, integrated virtual and face-to-face physio sessions will make for a winning treatment combination.

An increased need for treatment 

From March 23 to June 23 2020, UK-based internet searches for lower back pain soared by 106% (31,000-64,000), for repetitive strain injury rose by 60% (50,000-80,000) and neck pain by 37% (68,000-93,000) [EXPRESS.CO.UK]

For some, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about settings that have had favourable benefits, such as:

• No daily commute, 

• Relaxed working spaces, 

• Time to exercise and 

• Time to relax or complete home improvements

Yet all the above, have also brought with it a spike in injuries sustained from remote working with the change to home office environments. Also from the steep increase of daily exercise and a rise in home improvement and DIY related activities.

8 wks after lockdown, there was a 102% jump in searches for advice on knee pain, a 91% rise in searches for sprained ankle content and an 86% increase in the number of searches for articles on shin splints [GOOGLE TRENDS].

This spike has created a chain reaction. In these current times, increased chances of those developing new injuries or agitating existing ailments have therefore further enhanced the need for physiotherapists to provide services mainly by virtual means.

Though many have had the time to increase their daily activity, some have been sedentary or restricted due to work commitments or underlying injury issues. This is also set to bring about increased injury rates as we may rush back to normality all too quickly. 

As virtual physiotherapy sessions have yielded impressive results, it is highly becoming the preferred way of receiving treatment. Incorporating the benefits we outlined previously digital session will prove pivotal in home-based patient treatments and recovery, post-pandemic.

Let’s move forward together 

We know that these times are increasingly challenging but as a nation, we are finding resilient ways to move life forward.  If you are experiencing pain from sustained injuries, please do not suffer in silence or feel you have to go it alone. 

Though we are all doing our bit to minimise risk and the spread of infection, at CK Physio, our team of experienced physiotherapists are here to help.  We are here to provide virtual services to suit your needs and circumstances, assisting you in maintaining optimum health levels.

Contact one of our therapists today, to schedule a virtual consultation, via our online booking system. We will be able to guide you through self-help assessment and discuss with you in-depth, the range of possible treatments available.