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57 Elthorne Avenue
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You Can Always Turn to Physiotherapy When It Comes to These Sports Injuries

By: BryanKelly (Psst, View author in Google Plus) Date: Aug 29th, 2017

Anyone who is suffering with or has suffered from sciatica knows that it can be severely painful.

When you lead an active life and spend a great deal of time on the field, there's a good chance that injuries can happen. In fact, according to a survey done by Barclays, a person who regularly participates in sports would pick up as much as 1.65 injuries each year on average. It causes them take some days off work or school due to a certain degree of incapacity or lack or treatment.

Today, this trend continues and sometimes, the consequences can be devastating for the affected patient.

Here Are Some Common Sports Injuries That Physiotherapy Can Help With

Injuries Can Persist Without Proper Care 

Without proper care, any injury may worsen so much that it may prevent you from playing your favorite sport for a long time. Fortunately, you can always turn to physiotherapy for help.

Physiotherapy is a practice that uses movement, education, advice, manual therapy, and exercise to help people suffering from limited mobility due to illness or injury. Here are a number of common sports injuries that can be treated by physiotherapy.

ACL Tear 

The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL happens to be one of the most important components of your knee joint. Sports moves such as rapidly changing direction, making sudden stops, or getting in direct contact or collision are especially bad for the ACL. This is because movements like this can cause the ACL to get torn and give the athlete a great deal of pain. Oftentimes, those who are at great risk to suffer an ACL tear include people who regularly play basketball, soccer, and football.


Fractures are one of the most common sports injuries that athletes experience, especially when it comes to contact sports such as rugby and football. The most common fractures typically affect the collarbones, hands, wrists as well as the bones in the ankle and feet. 

Meanwhile, active players may also suffer from stress fractures due to sports that often involve repetitive movements. This is the case for long distance runners who tend to suffer from stress fractures in the feet.

Sprains and Strains 

A sprain usually occurs as result of twisting, falling or getting hit. All these instances can force a joint out of its normal position. Because of this, the ligaments around the joint can get torn or stretched.

On the other hand, a strain occurs as a result of pulling or twisting of a muscle or tendon. This type of injury usually affects the back and hamstring muscle. Typically, people participating in sports like boxing, hockey, football, wrestling, and soccer are exposed to greater risks of developing a strain in the back or legs. Meanwhile, those participating in rowing, gymnastics, golf and tennis may also suffer from a strain in the arm or hand.

If you suffer from any of these sports injuries, don't hesitate to make an appointment with a physiotherapist right away. Remember, it's important to have your injury treated before your condition becomes worse. After all, the sooner it can be treated, the sooner you can get back on the playing field.


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