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57 Elthorne Avenue
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Our Blog

Ealing Physiotherapy Pros: How Heavy Bags Affect Your Kid’s Posture

By: BryanKelly (Psst, View author in Google Plus) Date: Mar 27th, 2015

As children go up the education ladder, the more activities they engage in and the heavier their bags go. Their school bags are stuffed with various items—sports equipment, books, laptops, heavy wet weather clothing, etc.—their collective weight bearing the kids down, preventing their young bodies from achieving optimal development. In fact, according to Daily Mail, there is a growing number of children developing irreversible back deformities due to the weight of their schools bags, and these spinal abnormalities can range from back pain to disfiguring curvatures such as scoliosis.


Kids tend to lean forward or on one side in order to keep the bag stable against their body. Over time, this can result to an abnormal spine curvature and stunted growth accompanied by symptoms of breathing difficulty, chronic body pains and headaches caused by head and neck muscle strains. As they get accustomed to the bad posture, an Ealing physiotherapy expert would say, their bodies develop a muscle memory characterised by the tightening of muscles, making it the natural stance. With a hunched back and/or uneven shoulders, the children do not only suffer physically but also develop low self-esteem.

Parents can help their children by following these simple tips on lightening up their loads:

• Only allow your child to carry 15% of his body weight at max. A load heavier than that can start altering his spine, science says.

• Always even out the load as this has been proven to reduce spinal motion. Also, place the heaviest stuff at the bottom since the hip is better at supporting heavier weight than the shoulders.

• Go for backpacks as these provide balance compared to asymmetrical bags (messenger bags, tote etc.) which puts most of the pressure on one side of the body. If unavoidable, the max weight should only be up to 10% and make sure the padding is thick enough to reduce shoulder strain.

• Keep the bag close to the body. The more it sways the more pressure movement it causes the spine and the more effort the muscles would have to exert. Make the child use the hip straps and ensure that the bag is not too far down the back.

If your little kid or teen show symptoms of unhealthy posture and experiencing chronic pain, take him to Ealing physiotherapy centers like CK Physiotherapy. The physiotherapist will design a series of exercises and use manual techniques or appropriate devices to help correct your child’s posture and relieve him of pain. He’ll also advise you on ways to reduce your child’s load and even help you find the bag with the right ergonomics.

(Source: Heavy school bags are 'deforming' children as growing numbers suffer irreversible back problems, Daily Mail)