CK Physiotherapy

W7, W5, W13, Ealing, West London

57 Elthorne Avenue
Hanwell, W7 2JY

T: 020 8566 4113
M: 079 572 46185

Location / Parking

We are situated in Hanwell, between Boston Manor Road and Northfields Avenue, south of the Uxbridge Road.

57 Elthorne Avenue
Hanwell, W7 2JY

There are parking restrictions Mon - Fri 9-10am and 2-3pm. If you need a permit during this time please inform your therapist when you arrive. There are no parking restrictions at other times.

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday

Please phone the number above during working hours to make an appointment. Our reception service will be happy to book your session.

London Underground / Bus Services

London Underground

10 min. walk from Boston Manor Tube Station.
15 min. walk from Northfields Tube Station.

Bus Service

E8, E3, E2, 207, 607, 83

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Our Blog

Ealing Physiotherapy: Common Sports Injuries when Running Marathons

By: BryanKelly Date: July 10th, 2014

Are you an avid runner? You may be interested to take part in one of the most recognised events in Ealing. features the much anticipated running event this September, and a major sports brand will be a key participant in making the affair enjoyable and safe for runners:

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Holistic Health: Ealing Physiotherapy Benefits for Stroke Victims

By: BryanKelly Date: June 5th, 2014

Stroke is one of the most common fatal illnesses in the world, and it occurs when a clot obstructs a blood vessel from delivering the much needed bodily fluid to some parts of the brain (thus the condition is also referred to as ‘brain attack’). Some of the brain cells then die, causing impairment in some motor or cognitive function. However, it is believed by many medical professionals in west London that Ealing physiotherapy practices could help stroke survivors recover from their condition more efficiently.

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Managing Pains: London Physiotherapy Treatments for Pregnancy Issues

By: BryanKelly Date: April 7th, 2014

Common in pregnancy, pelvic and lower back pains may be effectively treated with physiotherapy modalities. Janet Wright, a regular columnist for Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, summarises a comprehensive review on randomised control trials that involved physiotherapy treatments for pregnant women.

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How Ealing Physiotherapy Helps Patients with Respiratory Conditions

By: BryanKelly Date: April 4th, 2014

Physiotherapy is used to treat the symptoms of conditions that affect various body systems. It is especially important in treating the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, a respiratory ailment that is considered the most commonly inherited condition among children in the UK. Regular adherence to physiotherapy is needed for the treatment to be effective.

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Great Physiotherapy in London Help People Recover from Knee Injuries

By: BryanKelly Date: March 6th, 2014

Crystal Palace fans ought to rejoice, as a March 3, 2014 story on The Independent marks the return of the Eagles’ talisman scorer. Tim Lewis writes: Glenn Murray lived up to manager Tony Pulis’ claim that he can be the man to save Crystal Palace’s season with a late equaliser to snatch a point at Swansea.

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Ealing Physiotherapy Services Help Both Olympians and Non-Olympians

By: BryanKelly Date: March 3rd, 2014

The Olympics is the epitome of human condition and competition, regardless of the season it is held. These athletes must be kept in optimal condition at all times, and that’s why these people are constantly supported by a team of medical experts. A story published February 20, 2014 details the story of one of the members of Team U.S.A.:

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